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Fiction Book of the Month

The Others

I heard voices talking last night. I've never heard my father talk to someone else. Not that I can remember. I was in bed, and I heard my father's voice first. He was talking to someone, and then I heard another man with a deep voice. The man got angry, I could tell, even though I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying. Then my father said, 'I'd kill you first.'

Non-Fiction Book of the Month


Blue is a rare colour - natural blue, that is. From morpho butterflies in the rain forest to the blue jay flitting past your window, vanishingly few living things are blue - and most that appear so are doing sleight of hand with physics or complex chemistry. Science journalist Kai Kupferschmidt has been fascinated by blue since childhood. His quest to find and understand his favorite colour and its hallowed place in our culture takes him to a gene-splicing laboratory in Japan….

Cookbook of the Month

All Day Baking

For every two lovers of sweet baked treats, there is at least another who will take the gruyere gougere or the curry pastie every time, thank you

Young Adult Book of the Month

The Block

Luka is in prison again–but this time it’s worse. He’s in the Block, a place where reality and simulation start to blur. But an audacious breakout reunites Luka and his friends at last. Hiding out in the heart of the destroyed city, Luka realises the scale of their mission to defeat all powerful AI, Happy. How can they stay hidden, let alone win the war? Old friends and new – including annoyingly cheerful companion drone, Apple-Moth–hold the key to their slim chance of victory...

Children's Book of the Month

Shockingly Good Stories

Featuring fractured fairytales told by none other than Nanny Piggins, previously unpublished Friday Barnes mysteries and a bunch of other hilarious and highly original tall tales. This book will delight kids from seven to seventy, whether they're after a bedtime story, entertainment for a long car ride or distraction in the doctor's waiting room!

Picture Book of the Month

Clancy of the Overflow

As the stock are slowly stringing, Clancy rides behind them singing, For the drover’s life has pleasures That the townsfolk never know. First published in 1889, Banjo Paterson’s iconic poem has been loved by generations. Capturing the grit of the city, and the longed-for freedom of the wide, open plains where Clancy rides, it is now published with stunning new illustrations by award-winning illustrator Andrew McLean

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1 So You Think You Know What's Good for You
by Norman Swan
2 Megamonster
by David Walliams
3 When You Are Mine
by Michael Robotham
4 Across the Sea: Wolf Girl 5
by Anh Do, illustrated by Lachlan Creagh
5 Brilliant Boy
by Haigh, Gideon
6 The Dictionary of Lost Words
by Pip Williams
7 Power Play
by Banks, Julia
8 The Boys' Club
by Michael Warner
9 Pig the Monster
by Aaron Blabey
10 Any Way the Wind Blows
by Rainbow Rowell

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