Staff Recommendations
Fiction Book of the Month

The Last Resort

Harmony Resort promises hope for struggling marriages. Run by celebrity power couple Drs. Miles and Grace Markell, the 'last resort' offers a chance for partners to repair their relationships in a luxurious setting on the gorgeous Mayan Riviera. When two couples begin Harmony's intensive program, it becomes clear that Harmony is not all it seems - and neither are the Markell’s. What are they hiding, and what price will these couples pay for finding out?

Non-Fiction Book of the Month

Botanical Revelation

Combining science, horticulture, art and economics, this illustrated book with many never before-published images – reveals the motives and complex networks that led to the international spread of knowledge and cultivation of hundreds of Australian plants in Europe in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Cookbook of the Month

Top 100 Taste Summer Fresh

Masterfully curated by Yaste's food experts this book features Australia's most-loved and most-cooked recipes for every day. With 100 ingenious recipes, this stunning collection has you covered, from easy dinners to brilliant brunches, from super salads to heavenly desserts.

Young Adult Book of the Month

Call Down the Hawk

The dreamers walk among us and so do the dreamed. Ronan is a dreamer. Carmen is a hunter. Her brother was a dreamer and a killer. She has seen the damage that dreamers can do. But that is nothing compared to the destruction that is about to be unleashed. . . .

Children's Book of the Month

Naughtiest Unicorn at Christmas

Dave the naughtiest unicorn LOVES Christmas, mainly because there are so many delicious things to EAT. Plus there's a tree to decorate, a festive quest and a CHRISTMAS SHOW to rehearse. Will Mira and Dave play the lead roles in the Christmas play?

Picture Book of the Month


The Schuberts have a blast as they present contrasts far beyond big and small. Best of all, the Schuberts let their imaginations fly as high as a crocodile – or perhaps flying crocodiles only occur in Schubert books.

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1 When All is Said & Done
by Neale Daniher
2 Bluey: The Beach
by Bluey
3 Bluey: Time to Play!
by Bluey
4 Bluey: Fruit Bat
by Bluey
5 Against All Odds
by Craig Challen
6 488 Rules for Life
by Kitty Flanagan
7 Dark Emu
by Bruce Pascoe
8 The Beast of Buckingham Palace
by David Walliams, Tony Ross (Illustrator)
9 The Great Escape
by Anh Do, Jeremy Ley (Illustrator)
10 Blue Moon
by Lee Child

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