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Fiction Book of the Month


From Hong Kong to Beijing to the Great Wall, from the exotic wonders of the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, to squalid village huts, the dramatic struggle rages across the Celestial Kingdom. This is the story of the Chinese people, high and low, and the Westerners who came to exploit the riches of their ancient land and culture.

Non-Fiction Book of the Month

Bad People & How To Be Rid Of Them

The Plan B for human rights looks back to national laws to name, blame and shame abusers. It strips them of their right to enter democratic nations, and of ill-gotten funds they seek to deposit in global banks; and it bars them and their families from schools and hospitals in these countries.

Cookbook of the Month

Pasta Man

Striped, spotted, red and green and black, and every shape imaginable, The Pasta Man, Mateo Zielonka, makes the most spectacular, most original pasta you’ve ever seen.

Young Adult Book of the Month

Realm Breaker

A strange darkness is growing in the Ward. Even Corayne an-Amarat can feel it, tucked away in her small town at the edge of the sea. Fate knocks on her door, in the form of a mythical immortal and a lethal assassin, who tell Corayne that she is the last of an ancient lineage - with the power to save the world from destruction.

Children's Book of the Month

The Underdogs Catch a Cat Burglar

The Underdog Detective Agency has a proud tradition of sniffing out trouble (plus sniffing each other’s butts). They’re on a mission to catch Dogtown’s elusive cat burglar … but if they want to crack this case, they’re going to need help! Enter Fang. Letting a scruffy street cat join the Underdogs is a bold move, but sometimes you’ve got to risk it to get the (dog) biscuit.

Picture Book of the Month

Found You, Little Wombat!

Little Wombat loves playing hide-and-seek with his friends, even though he doesn't understand all the rules of the game. So when it's his turn to look, he hides again, then calls out "Two, TEN" and opens his eyes. So Rabbit and Koala suggest he counts 10 flowers and searches for them.

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1 The Dictionary of Lost Words
by Pip Williams
2 The Warsaw Orphan
by Kelly Rimmer
3 The Bad Guys Episode 13
by Aaron Blabey
4 Phosphorescence
by Julia Baird
5 Mothering Heights - Dog Man: Book 10
by Dav Pilkey
6 With the Falling of the Dusk
by Stan Grant
7 Bluey: Where's Bluey A Search and Find Book
by Bluey
8 In Good Company
by Sophie Hansen
9 Legacy of War
by Wilbur Smith, David Churchill
10 Turns Out, I'm Fine
by Lucy, Judith

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