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Photographs of Civil Rights Activists and Black Lives Matter Protests

by Sheila Pree Bright

<DIV>Artist and activist Sheila Pree Bright honours the Civil Rights activists from America&#39;s past and celebrates the people who carry on their important work today in this fine art photography book. Collected in a handsome volume, the book ...

ISBN: 9781452170725

Binding: Hardback


100 Days to Victory: How the Great War Was Fought and Won 1914-1918

by Saul David

ISBN: 9781444763386

Binding: Paperback


100 Documents that Changed the World: From Magna Carta to Wikileaks

by Scott Christianson

100 Documents That Changed the World brings together the most important written agreements, declarations and statements in history. 100 Documents That Changed the World brings together the most important written agreements, declarations and ...

ISBN: 9781849943000

Binding: Hardback


100 Turning Points in Military History

by Alan Axelrod

ISBN: 9781493037452

Binding: Hardback


1215: The Year of Magna Carta

by Danny Danziger

ISBN: 9780340824757

Binding: Paperback


1434: The Year A Chinese Fleet Sailed To France and Ignited the Renaissance

by Gavin Menzies

ISBN: 9780007269556

Binding: Paperback



The Lost Chapters of Australia's Beginnings

by Nick Brodie

<DIV>For over 200 years Australia&rsquo;s official history has focused on English colonisation and &lsquo;discovery&rsquo;, with tales of British explorers and first generation white Australians navigating the vast and unfriendly land. But what ...

ISBN: 9781743791608

Binding: Paperback


1788: The Brutal Truth Of The First Fleet

by David Hill

<B>An extraordinary narrative history of the First Fleet, by the bestselling author of The Forgotten Children</B>.<BR><BR>Never before or since has there been an experiment quite as bold as this. Set against the backdrop of Georgian England with

ISBN: 9781741668001

Binding: Paperback


1812: Napoleon's Fatal March On Moscow

by Adam Zamoyski

The Sunday Times bestselling account of Napoleon's invasion of Russia and eventual retreat from Moscow, events that had a profound effect on the subsequent course of Russian and European history. The saga of Napoleon's invasion of Russia and ...

ISBN: 9780007123742

Binding: Paperback



The Year the Decade Exploded

by Jon Savage

2016 is the 50th anniversary of defining year in global pop cultural history, 1966. Jon Savage's exploration of the key highs, lows and revolutionary moments, will be at the centre of reflection on what made that year so uniquely resonant. ...

ISBN: 9780571277636

Binding: Paperback



The World at the Brink

by Taylor Downing

ISBN: 9780349143040

Binding: Paperback



The World at the Brink

by Taylor Downing

ISBN: 9781408710531

Binding: Paperback


24 Hours in Ancient Athens

A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There

by Philip Matyszak

Athens, 416 BC . A tenuous peace holds. The city-state&rsquo;s political and military might are feared throughout the ancient world; it pushes the boundaries of social, literary and philosophical experimentation in an era when it has a greater ...

ISBN: 9781782439769

Binding: Hardback


24 Hours in Ancient Egypt

A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There

by Donald P Ryan

Spend 24 hours with the ancient Egyptians.<BR /><BR /> Ancient Egypt wasn&rsquo;t all pyramids, sphinxes and gold sarcophagi. For your average Egyptian, life was tough, and work was hard, conducted under the burning gaze of the sun god Ra.<BR ...

ISBN: 9781782439110

Binding: Hardback


30-Second Mythology

The 50 most important classical myths, monsters, heroes, and gods, each explained in half a minute

by Robert A Segal

The perfect introduction to the study of mythology, covering essential facts and details in one handy volume. ...

ISBN: 9781742669922

Binding: Hardback


44 Days

75 Squadron and the Fight for Australia

by Michael Veitch

In March and April 1942, RAAF 75 Squadron bravely defended Port Moresby for 44 days when Australia truly stood alone against the Japanese. This group of raw young recruits scrambled ceaselessly in their Kittyhawk fighters to an extraordinary and

ISBN: 9781489348166

Binding: CD-Audio

Audio Book


by Gordon Brook-Shepherd

The account of the Great War portrayed in this book spans the last hundred days of the conflict; from the surprise blow struck by the British at Amiens on 8 August, down to the signing of the Armistice which ended the war three months later. ...

ISBN: 9781448217182

Binding: Paperback


A Brief Guide to J. R. R. Tolkien

A comprehensive introduction to the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

by Nigel Cawthorne

ISBN: 9781780338590

Binding: Paperback


A Brief History of Ancient Greece

Politics, Society, and Culture

by Sarah B. Pomeroy

Revised and updated throughout, the fourth edition of A Brief History of Ancient Greece presents the political, social, cultural, and economic history and civilization of ancient Greece in all its complexity and variety. Written by six leading ...

ISBN: 9780190925307

Binding: Paperback


A Brief History of Infinity

The Quest to Think the Unthinkable

by Brian Clegg

ISBN: 9781841196503

Binding: Paperback