Your Mouth to God's Ear

Prayer That Really Works ~ Wisdom from the Higher Realms
by Sarah Jean Davidson
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781463449056

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Back Cover Sarah Jeans Photo What makes prayer work? Why do some prayers get through and other prayers, just as deserving, come to nothing? Does this mean that God loves one soul more than the other? No, of course not. God loves all of us equally. The author has spent many years teaching higher spiritual concepts as a minister and on her teaching website, She has been blessed with spiritual gifts that give her a special attunement with the divine realms; this attunement has produced enlightened insights. She combines her own experiences with scientific discoveries that cast a new light on communication with the heavenly realms; this has led her to new success in prayer and in healing. Perhaps you are afraid of offending your Creator by learning newer ways of contacting the divine realms. Dont be; He wants what is best for His children. In this book Sarah Jean shows you how every generation builds upon the spiritual foundation of the generation before it. This is Gods way of showing souls higher octaves of enlightenment. You will learn arcane secrets of the universe, previously known only to mystics, that will help you to succeed in receiving what you ask God for, and certain cosmic laws that may hold you back. The personal pages in each lesson help you to identify your problem areas and open the door to new understanding. The unique quality of this book is that Sarah Jean takes known spiritual concepts and new discoveries to a higher level; then she explains step by step how they work with nothing left out.