Witchy Life & Witchy Things: Spells and Knowledge From an Eclectic Witch

by Susie Smith

Publisher: Susie Smith Books

Publication Date: May 13, 2016

ISBN: 1230001112788

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Witchy Life & Witchy Things: Spells and Knowledge From an Eclectic Witch is non-fiction and written for Witches and those interested in Witchcraft.


The book provides information on different types of Witches and the religions they follow. The types are briefly broken down and explained. You can learn about each one to discover what type of Witch you are, or use the information to choose the path that's right for you.


There is a list of tools all Witches use. The list is then broken down and explained in detail. This way you can decide what you need and what you can do without.


I give some insight into a Witch's life in general. I discuss the positive and negative things about being a Witch, and dispel some myths about us.


The book has some nice information on crystals and herbs with their properties & uses, and runes with their meanings & divination uses. These are found toward the back and formatted so you can use it as a reference book. No more needing 3 separate books for this information.


Of course it also contains spells. I have included spells and potions from my own Grimoire, along with recipes on how to make magic inks and infused oils. No mater what magical path you choose I think you'll find something useful inside.