Where I Come From

Life Lessons from a Latino Chef
by Aaron Sanchez
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Publisher: ABRAMS

Publication Date: October 01, 2019

ISBN: 9781683356790

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**America’s most prominent Latino chef shares the story behind his food, his family, and his professional journey **

Before Chef AaroÌ?n SaÌ?nchez rose to fame on shows like MasterChef and Chopped, he was a restless Mexican-American son, raised by a fiercely determined and talented woman who was a successful chef and restaurateur in her own right—she is credited with bringing Mexican cuisine to the New York City dining scene. In many ways, SaÌ?nchez, who lost his father at a young age, was destined to follow in his mother Zarela’s footsteps. He spent nights as a child in his family’s dining room surrounded by some of the most influential chefs and restaurateurs in New York. At 16, needing direction, he was sent by his mother to work for renowned chef Paul Prudhomme in New Orleans. 

In this memoir, SaÌ?nchez delves into his formative years with remarkable candor, injecting his story with adrenaline and revealing how he fell in love with cooking and started a career in the fast-paced culinary world. SaÌ?nchez shares the invaluable lessons he learned from his upbringing and his training—both inside and outside the kitchen—and offers an intimate look into the chaotic and untraditional life of a professional chef and television personality. This memoir is SaÌ?nchez’s highly personal account of a fatherless Latino kid whose talent and passion took him to the top of his profession.