Timberland Voyage

Abstract Symmetry Tree Art Photography
by John Williams

Publisher: John D Williams

Publication Date: February 16, 2017

ISBN: 1230001549089

Binding: Kobo eBook

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“Timberland Voyage” uses the single aspect of trees as the core of the art photograph book. Each image within the book falls into three distinct and separate categories as to how it manipulates the woodland tree subject.

“Pure Tree Symmetry” uses reflection and symmetrical compositions to create striking visual reinterpretations of the forest tree. Bright vibrant colors and post-processing develops each image into a unique vision of visual art as defined by the work of the author and photographer, John D Williams.

“Visions of One” focuses on the single tree rather than on duality and repetition as seen in the previous section. Each gnarled and wooden tree reveals a beautiful pattern of branches and old weathered wood trunks and bark.

“The Endless Forest Dream” utilizes sweeping forest landscapes to create a dreamlike fantasy vision of the tree in a woodland setting. The vision behind the photograph art book is to move away from conventional perceptions of the tree as a single point of beaut, and instead represent a modern contemporary vision of nature for art fans and art lovers alike.

The book “Timberland Voyage” contains over 34 images in both color and black and white. Each work of art includes the original title devised by the photographer, as well as a short description on the thoughts and feelings as well as the subject matter of each individual image.

As a creative artist John D Williams strives to create striking and highly original visions when he is out in nature and the world at large, capturing images that encapsulate a sense of modernity. His appreciation for the “visual arts” stems from his education in media and film study.

“For me visual images are like the stories we hear all around us. The power of visual stimuli is one of the keys to our survival, an instinct if you like. Our ability to read visual photographs stems in part from our cultural currency, however true art is ...