Thoughts for a New Perspective

by Kurt M. Jordan
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781491740583

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Too often in life, we see only what we are conditioned to see. Influenced by our parents, environment, education, religious beliefs, mass media, or society in general, these narrow-minded perspectives limit our growth and prevent us from truly connecting with others. In his guidebook Thoughts for a New Perspective, an innovative transformational leader shares fascinating insight on how to remove our blinders, open our minds to a new way of thinking, and ultimately find a new perspective on life.

Through a unique roadmap filled with over eight hundred transformational thoughts, Kurt Jordan leads others through an introspective process that opens the mind to think about God in a new way, encourages a look inward to find the answers to a variety of questions about life, offers a new outlook on relationships and love, and shares guidance on how to connect with our spirit in order to discover who we really are deep inside.

Thoughts for a New Perspective shares wisdom, advice, and reflections that will help anyone begin to transform their thought processes in order to find peace and contentment in everyday life.