“The great emir of Turan or wisdom and sword”

by Nurali Kabul

Publisher: Nurzod Nurali Kabul

Series: 1

Publication Date: March 21, 2018

ISBN: 9780692059555

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In the past, tens of great empires were created by our famous forebears. The Timurid and Bobur’s dynasties are the most well-known among them. They shone as the sun in the scene of the history. The unique and great Tamerlane was the founder of these two empires. He became public’s real hero and eternal symbol of the nationalities that lived in the geographical borders from Qashqars to Bosphors and from the Indian Ocean to the Ural Mountains. In a word, he became one of the influential and well-renowned conquerors in all around the world.
In this book described beautifully about our great ancestor’s pure love and loyalty towards its homeland. The atmosphere of these two great empires, within a half century led to blooming of political, economical, and spiritual flourishing, and this in turn, became basis of new renaissance scholars such as Lutfiy, Jomiy, Navoiy, Behzod, Xondamir, Yazdiy, Shomiy, Ulugbek, Ali qushchi, Bobur, Shohjahon and the ensemble of Registan. Today our nation’s national and spiritual lives are based on this cultural enlightenment.