The Opioid Crisis: A Reference Handbook

by David E. Newton
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Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Series: Contemporary World Issues

Publication Date: July 03, 2018

ISBN: 9781440864360

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Dependence on opioids has grown into an epidemic, its effects felt globally and most of all in the United States. The Opioid Crisis: A Reference Handbook provides a detailed and accurate history of opioid use, helping readers to understand how the crisis developed, as well as a review of problems arising out of this crisis and some of the solutions that have been proposed.

The volume additionally comprises ten essays from individuals who have a personal or educational connection to the crisis and short biographical and explanatory essays on important individuals and organizations working to mitigate the opioid crisis by supporting research of the biological systems implicated in opioid dependence and raising awareness of the challenges of addiction in America today. It also provides resources for readers who want to continue their study of the topic or pursue research in the field.