The Matapaua Conversations

100 questions about the universe, reality, evolution, spirituality and human existence answered by non-embodied spiritual entities
by Peter Calvert & Keith Hill
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Publisher: Attar Media Ltd

Publication Date: August 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780473402792

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Who are we? Where do we come from? How did the universe come to be? What is the structure of reality? Do we have a higher purpose? If so, what is it?

For millennia the world’s religions have offered answers to these and other big questions. Today those answers are showing their age. A new approach to spirituality is needed that takes into account our current understanding of reality using contemporary concepts and language. The Matapaua Conversations presents a view of the relationship between the spiritual and physical domains that reflects current scientific knowledge.

Writing The Matapaua Conversations involved Keith Hill formulating one hundred questions, the answers to which Peter Calvert channelled during a series of retreats on New Zealand’s Matapaua beach. The answers are provided by previously human spiritual identities who have completed their incarnation cycle on Earth.

The material is extraordinary in its scope. Using concepts drawn primarily from the sciences, and extending from the level of DNA to crabs in rock pools to the Big Bang and beyond, this is a profound new view of the what, how and why of all existence.