The Malefic Yogas and The Karmic Law

by Dhiraj Bakshi

Publisher: Dhiraj Bakshi

Publication Date: November 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781479240968

Binding: Kobo eBook

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It is unfortunate, for the sake of man's more speedy evolution on this planet, that the mission of the God has not been more clearly understood by humanity - people for the most part living under the impression that His advent on the Earth was for the purpose of being offered up to the One Universal Father of Life and Love as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity, thereby relieving them of all responsibility for their individual use of the Life Forces by which they exist. In other words, that the time and effort expanded by life on their creation and subsistence are without reason or purpose. Witness, for example, the acceptance by so many people of the statement, "Believe in the Lord and you shall be saved."
The God had already expiated His own karma (which condition the Karmic Law demands from an aspirant for this exalted mission), and He was granted a Dispensation, whereby the sufferings incumbent on His mission could be applied to a partial expiation of the karmic debts of mankind. This still did not mean that humanity could go on indulging in unbridled license of their passions and eventually ride into the Kingdom of Heaven on the merit of the God, without any conscious effort towards attaining that Perfection necessary for its achievement.
God's last appearance on Earth, therefore, fulfilled four major accomplishments, the achievement of which is necessary before any soul can attain his Ascension or Liberation:
He exemplified the Law of Cause and Effect.
He manifested the Perfection of the God - Self, through His physical form.
His public death and Resurrection proved the Supremacy of Spirit, or Divine Mind, over the world of form.
His Ascension, during the course of which He became invisible to human sight, proved that in the very atmosphere of Earth, there is an Invisible Realm where persons who have increased their vibrations to reach the God Consciousness may enter, when ...