The Liar

by Niramisa Weiss

Publisher: Niramisa Weiss

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301554324

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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There is nothing to fear. Have you heard that said before? We may hear it in spiritual circles or read it in religious texts. It is a very comforting thought and somehow rings true deep within. But usually we must take it on faith if we are to believe it.

Why is the world as it is? Why have we not been able to eradicate suffering? Why does genocide continue unabated after countless horrific events obliging us, each time, to promise not to do it again? A promise never kept.

Why is the future always like the past? Why are my relationships full of pain, even after decades of self-help? Why is finding the 'God' particle more important than attempting to build a fearless world for the next generations to come?

These are the questions that all of us need answering and have not yet been adequately addressed.

The good news is that the answer is the same for all these questions, and millions more like them. There is a single cause behind all the pain and suffering of humankind. All we need do is understand what it is, stop believing its lies and watch it drift away into nothingness. Then, and only then, will we have a chance at being what we truly are.

There is nothing to fear. Nothing bad ever happened. Evil doesn't exist. The world is illusion. These statements happen to be true but up until now there has only been stark proof to the contrary. 'The Liar' examines these hopeful ideas and provides a clear and definitive argument as to why they must be true.

There really is nothing to fear, quite literally. We fear nothing because we fear lies alone. And lies are not true and therefore do not, and cannot, exist in reality.

QED. But don't take my word for it, read for yourself and make up your own mind.