The Drug Epidemic

by Don Allen

Publisher: Don Allen

Publication Date: November 30, 2017

ISBN: 9781370533008

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The Bible tells us that there is a roaring lion in the house, and the question is how do we stop him? The roaring lion (the devil himself) is destroying our families, communities, and even our churches. One of the methods he has continued to use since the beginning of time is drugs, including alcohol. We are facing a world-wide epidemic which if left untreated, will destroy our society as we know it. This problem crosses religious, ethnic, financial, and societal lines. As Christian parents, pastors, and church members, it is essential that we do not remain like the ostrich, with our heads in the sand. We must understand that addiction is not simply a moral failure, but a complex issue that must be addressed and overcome for the sake of the addict, along with the family and friends their addiction is affecting. The epidemic of alcoholism and drug addiction is not limited to just the community around us, or to the inner-city, or to just other families on our street. The problem of drug addiction and alcoholism is gripping young people, families, and churches around the world. Addiction has no respect for the individual; it does not care if you or your children are White, African American, Hispanic, or Asian, nor if you are rich or poor. It knows no age limit, social or economic level, nor denominational affiliation. With over 25 years of experience in the substance abuse field, I have personally counseled hundreds of individuals and their families. Some of my clients became addicted as early as seven years of age. Heads Up! If I hear one more pastor or church leader tell me, there is not a problem in our community and especially not one in my church, I am going to scream. There is no greater denial for a pastor, children’s pastor, youth pastor, or parent. Our children and teenagers face the same challenges of drug addiction and alcoholism that all other children face. The only desire that addiction has is to get the individual hooked, and when hooked (as one ...