The Bright Jubilees

by S. A. Abakwue
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Publication Date: January 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781503534698

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The Bright Jubilees is the book of four different plays. For example, we have Fat Frogs and Juicy Toads. Fat Frog is a metaphor for a wealthy man. And a Juicy Toad is the metaphor for a superrich woman. The Great Crusade is a radical change. An ex-Islamist, a Boko Haram, became a great evangelist, taking the whole America by storm. The next play is A Case to Kill Africans. Here we have a variety of the global conspiracies. And the last play is A Wayo Governor. Wayo means a trickster or a major crook. The imaginary Wayo Governor did all his wayo politics in his wayo Kobokobo land.