by U.S. Anderson & James M. Brand

Publisher: ZREADS

Publication Date: January 20, 2019

ISBN: 1230003040416

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By U.S. Anderson

As author Uell Stanley Andersen (1917- 1986) will show you in the pages of Three Magic Words, you will learn of the unlimited power that is yours, in you. You will learn how you can turn this power to work for you, here on earth, to make your life majestic and overflowing with good.
Three Magic Words is not a religion or a sect or a society. In its entirety it is a series of essays aimed at revealing to you your power over all things. You will learn that there is only one mover in all creation and that mover is thought. You will learn that there is only one creator and that creator is the Universal Subconscious Mind, or God. You will learn that this creator creates for you exactly what you think, and you will be shown how you can control your thoughts, not only to obtain answers to your problems but to create in your experience exactly what you desire.
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