THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY (Complete Edition In 2 Volumes)

by William James

Publisher: Musaicum Books

Publication Date: November 02, 2018

ISBN: 9788027244775

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There are four methods from James' book: stream of consciousness (James' most famous psychological metaphor); emotion (later known as the James–Lange theory); habit (human habits are constantly formed to achieve certain results); and will (through James' personal experiences in life). Contents: THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY (VOL. 1) Preface I. The Scope of Psychology II. The Functions of the Brain III. On Some General Conditions of Brain Activity IV. Habit V. The Automaton Theory VI. The Mind-Stuff Theory VII. The Methods and Snares of Psychology VIII. The Relations of Minds to Other Things IX. The Stream of Thought X. The Consciousness of Self XI. Attention XII. Conception XIII. Discrimination and Comparison XIV. Association XV. The Perception of Time XVI. Memory THE PRINCIPLES OF PSYCHOLOGY (VOL. 2) XVII. Sensation XVIII. Imagination XIX. The Perception of 'Things' XX. The Perception of Space XXI. The Perception of Reality XXII. Reasoning XXIII. The Production of Movement XXIV. Instinct XXV. The Emotions XXVI. Will XXVII. Hypnotism XXVIII. Necessary Truths and the Effects of Experience