Discover Your True Self and Identity Beyond
by Ralitsa Sartsanova

Publisher: Ralitsa Sartsanova

Publication Date: August 23, 2016

ISBN: 1230001320664

Binding: Kobo eBook

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The astrologic map or horoscope reveal our real nature and soul. When we feel lost in the labyrinth of life, it will serve us as a compass sent from Gods and cosmic forces to show us the direction in which we can go further, the direction of our heart and soul. Horoscope is a projection of our personal soul and of our real nature. It covers what we are, but not what we are required to be. It greatly illustrates our own myth and tale, shows those parts of us we are in connection with and those we are disconnected with. Through the native map, we can reconstruct (restore) this relation between spirit and soul, respond to the authentic Ego without having fear from the environment, bring together opposites and become one with the cosmic soul. 

The horoscope gives the most truly and closes direction to our psychic, spiritual and real nature. It can wake up the hero/soldier in each of us, it can provoke us and motivate to undertake that big journey-challenge in the process of which we stand up in front of our self and our authentic nature. 
My aim in this book is to join you on the journey of the hero in each of you, i.e. from your birth itself, through the process of growing up, mature and to the end of the adventure. As much as closer to it we are, much more things we understand for our self and for our real nature, for our authentic Ego.