"Sri Vedanta Desikan on the Principles of Vaishnavism and The Glories of Sri Vedanta Desikan"

Ramanuja Daya
by Navalpakkam Dr. Vasudeva Tatacharyar


Series: Ramanuja Daya

Publication Date: June 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781386006244

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Summary Book released on the occasion of 750th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Swami Vedanta Desikan. This book contains basic tenets of Sri Vaishnavism . This answers all questions like why, what, when, how , where and who. This book is intended for all generations who have doubts about all these questions. This is a crux of Swami Desikan's Philosophy, doctrines and principles. This book is written in a lucid form with clear steps for performing duties as Brahmin.