Spell Casting For The Rest Of Us

by Ginnie Nightingale

Publisher: Ginnie Nightingale

Publication Date: June 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781310328183

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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"There is a chant in our family that has been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. I know the words by heart, as did my mother, as did her mother before her. I taught them to my daughter and my granddaughters happily recite them as they play. I do not know where the chant originated, nor do I understand the compulsion that each and every female on my mother's side has had to pass it along to the next generation. But I do think the words must be magical, if for no other reason than that they bind us together, we mothers of the same blood line, to something special and unique that only we share. And to the notion that dreams really can come true. And to the possibility of magic."

Inside this book...

* How ancient spell casters passed their secrets down to their descendants.
* Why history hid the truth about natural magic and the abilities we all have within us,
* How to create a magical work space hidden in plain sight!
* Why simple 5-minute Kitchen Witch spells can be as effective as complicated cauldron spells
* Why it is absolutely essential to make a sacrifice when you spell cast!
* How to use passion and emotion to energize your spells
* The secret ingredients you must put in (and leave out of) your spells
* Why spell casting and religion do not conflict, despite what others would have you believe!
* How to use the energy of common herbs in your magical "recipes"
* How to work with the phases of the moon to boost your spells
* How to quickly cast an assortment of life-changing spells, including glamming spells (yes, they exist!), prosperity spells, friendship, protection, love and soul mate spells
* How to discover your true life's work and begin living it and earning an income from it immediately!
* Stories of how real people got amazing, though totally unexpected, results through spell casting

Spell Casting For The Rest Of Us is about "making things ...