Secrets of the Squat Snatch

by Peter George

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Publication Date: March 19, 2018

ISBN: 9781619846869

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Why learn the secrets of the squat snatch?

The answer is obvious if you’re an Olympic-style weightlifting competitor—or a coach, fan or history buff of this sport. It’s the most authoritatively endorsed book ever written on this lift.

But did you know that the squat snatch is not only the best single test of strength, speed and coordination. It’s also the single best exercise to develop these empowering attributes.

According to Dr. Allison Brager who is a neuroscientist, as well as a competitive CrossFit athlete and author of Meathead: Unraveling the Athletic Brain:

The Secrets of the Squat Snatch is the complete tool kit for athletes and their coaches who strive to elegantly channel—while enhancing—their explosive neuro-muscular power through this standard Olympic lift.

You can, and ideally should do a lot of other exercises, but the one you’ll get the most benefit from for time spent is the squat snatch.

This book, therefore, is a must read if you’re a

CrossFit trainee,
An athlete who wants to excel in another active sport,
Anyone who wants to enhance his or her explosive neuro-muscular power for any good and just purpose.

I’m Dr. Peter T George. My weightlifting buddies know me as Pete George—that’s the name I’m listed as in the Olympic record books.

I was blessed to have been coached by Larry Barnholth. He was the legendary coach who figured out how the squat snatch should be performed to achieve maximum poundage with stability. He then produced champions who broke records in the snatch with the squat style when most of the world’s lifters were using the split style. In 1950 when Larry was besieged with enquires for his “secrets” to mastering this lift, I helped him write and publish the first edition of this book.

TOMMY KONO AND DAVE SHEPPARD were the first two purchasers of the Secrets of the Squat Snatch. After reading it, both went on to beat official world ...