Romans Walking in the Transforming Power of the Gospel Message

A Bible Study
by Norma Blackmon
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Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: September 06, 2018

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A Bible Study through Romans
Oh the depth of this letter to the Roman believers by the apostle Paul, where we, each one of us can see ourselves, maybe even our old selves revealed, and the Way, the Truth, and Gods transforming power that has and continues to save and change us. Yes all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Why? Because we have, each and every one, inherited a (the) sin nature, disobedience, from the fall, from the one man. And because of this we all, again, were enemies of God, afar off and at enmity. Yet in His great love for us we learn that even while we were His enemies, God gave His only Son to die on a cross that we might have our sins forgiven; if we believe. Now we have a new nature, a new man, alongside the old, that can grow in grace and strength and cause the old nature to be buried. At least as much as is possible in these mortal and fleshly bodies: and as much as we are willing to yield to the Spirits leading, and obey.
Who are those who are without excuse? Who are those who are inexcusable? Is there any hope for those who God has given over? I think maybe. Who are the branches, and who does the wild olive tree refer to? What was the hoped outcome in provoking the Jews to jealousy? We read of works versus grace; of the war between the mind and the Spirit, and that even when we are unfaithful, God is faithful; He cannot deny Himself. Wow! Just pause for a moment and absorb that.
What an amazing God we serve! What a beautiful, strong, encouraging, convicting, challenging and promise filled letter Paul has written. Yes, I understand that I have scarcely touched the surface. Still my prayer is for even a fraction of Gods message, His power, love and teaching will come through this study. I confess that I know so little, but He is so big! Please Father might all who work through these pages see You, and embrace all that You in Christ Jesus have done for us. May You be lifted up and praised and adored for ...