Quiet Lessons for the Introvert’s Soul

Introvert Strengths, #1
by Gabriela Casineanu

Publisher: Gabriela Casineanu

Series: Introvert Strengths

Publication Date: January 29, 2019

ISBN: 9781999424930

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do social interactions drain your energy? Do you consider yourself quiet or different? 

These characteristics may actually be your superpowers!

An introvert herself, the award-winning and best-selling author Gabriela Casineanu will guide you along the path to discover your unique strengths and inner wisdom—like being on the Hero's Journey for the introvert!

The traits that you might think are holding you back could actually be your strongest assets—you just need to see them in a different light.

Through a series of interviews with successful introverts, Casineanu reveals the strengths that come from being quiet and reserved.

Authors, professionals, entrepreneurs and even a top sales performer share how they overcame their challenges in a world that assumes that successful people are extroverts. 

Casineanu invites you to reflect on these stories and identify which introvert strengths helped her subjects become their best selves. You'll also be encouraged to reflect on your journey so far, to **discover what abilities you've relied on in tough situations. **

This awareness will make you better appreciate your introvert strengths, and will inspire you to bring out the best in yourself to be more successful in your future challenges!

• Learn to overcome shyness and genuinely connect with people, even at networking events
• Understand how to manage your energy so you can have more for the projects you love
• Discover the tools and strategies you can draw upon to overcome your challenges
• Gain new perspectives on the introverts' characteristics and why the world needs them 

Gabriela Casineanu has a deep understanding of introverts and how they can tap into their hidden talents to thrive in all aspects of life. Using her coaching expertise, you'll be challenged to ...