Pray for the Mercies of God

by Samuel Ayinde
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: September 05, 2017

ISBN: 9781514477168

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In the midst of trials, confusions and overwhelming issues of life, God gives urgent attention to a class of prayer: mercy prayer. We desire peace, prosperity and all-round establishment in our lives, homes, families, professions, institutions, ministries and nations. We receive all these on the platform of God’s mercies. Pray for the Mercies of God is a handbook on God’s mercies. Each chapter is succinctly written to give illumination on a dimension of God’s mercy and to spur up the passion in the reader to pray with the accompanied prayers that end the chapter. This book is divided into three sections. Section 1, What the mercies of God do, describes some benefits we can receive as a result of God’s mercies. Section 2, Grabbing hold of the mercies of God, describes the way Almighty God delights in showing endless mercies and how we can keep the rivers of His mercies continuously flowing in our lives. Sections 3, Be wise with the mercies of God, explains ways we can misuse the mercies of God, and how to be on guard against such things.