“Pie-Powder” Being Dust From the Law Courts

Collected and Recollected on the Western Circuit, by a Circuit Tramp
by John Alderson Foote

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Publication Date: January 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780259709664

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But although men remember little worthy of mention concerning themselves, there are few so unobservant as to pass through life without noticing much that was memorable in others. As the years pass by the storehouse of memory becomes more crowded, until the time comes when we forget more quickly than we acquire, and recollection loses more at one end of the chain than it gains at the other. I am myself conscious of having for gotten so much that once seemed worth remembrance, that the task of setting the residue down on paper must be commenced at once, if it is to be attempted at all. The critic will perhaps be provoked to say, that no poorer excuse can be offered.