Parenthood: Ultimate Guide for Raising a Child During the First 5 Years

by Antony Lee

Publisher: Thang Nguyen

Publication Date: August 18, 2018

ISBN: 9781386023081

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Every baby develops and grows depending on his own pace, but every baby does most of the same things. By being aware of this simple fact, it is going to be helpful for a lot of parents to raise their babies a bit easier. It requires time, dedication, love, and attention to successfully raise a baby.

Your child's first five years are basically the most important part of his development. These years are the foundation that forms your child's future wellbeing, happiness, development, growth, and learning accomplishment.

A research shows that the first five years are mainly important for the child's brain development, and the first three years, on the other hand, are the most important for shaping the architecture of the child's brain. Your child's early experiences offer the foundation for the organizational development of the brain and life's functioning. These years have a direct effect on how children improve learning skills along with emotional and social capabilities.

Children learn more rapidly during the first years than at any phase in life. They require love and cherishing to cultivate a sense of security and trust that turns into self-reliance as years go by.

Babies develop, learn, and grow fast when they get enough love, attention, affection, reinforcement, and mental motivation, on top of good healthcare and nutritious meals they need.

Understanding your child's stages of development can help all parents raise their children's need as they grow to be the best person they can be. In this book, we will help you understanding them on these important phases of his life easier. We are going to explain how your role as a parent and guidance plays the major part of a child's life.