No Time and Nowhere

A Non-Physical World Behind this One
by Fergus Hinds
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Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

Publication Date: August 26, 2016

ISBN: 9781785351860

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Why do so many people believe in an Invisible World behind this one? Scientists a parallel universe? Religions an afterlife? Others ‘just something'? Perhaps for observations we cannot explain? Some are psychological, e.g. the nature, storage, and conveyance of the information implicit in 'ghosts', hunches, premonitions and hypnosis; and some are material – the behaviour of particles on a very small scale in physics laboratories. Each hints at spatial or temporal derangement. Space and Time are the indivisible foundations of physics. Everything that exists has a location and duration; physics concerns nothing without both. We can suppose the universe bound not by a physical framework of space-time but as containing within itself all Space and all Time - with a little more besides. Another world is not a baseless idea.