Mythic Astrology

Archetypes in the Horoscope
by Arielle Guttman & Kenneth Johnson
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Publisher: Sophia Venus Productions

Publication Date: December 01, 2016

ISBN: 9780983059844

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Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope is no cookie-cutter astrology book that regurgitates commonplace jargon for the signs and planets. This is a book that weaves together the stories from classical mythology with the movement of the heavens to provide a broader understanding of how these two systems are so intimately linked. The core energy of each zodiac sign is revealed through the ancient stories or myths, created about them. These stories or myths have come down to us from thousands of years ago to constitute in great part how we interpret those signs today. Mythic Astrology is an astrology book that brings a feminine voice from ancient times back to present times. By this, the authors have included feminine archetypes of four major asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta, as well as Gaia, our own Earth, to round out the planetary sphere. These are in addition to the planets we are most familiar with, such as Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, etc. There is a rich chapter of stories and origins about each planet and asteroid in this book and how they were so characterized. In addition, a new section on solar aspects has been added. How do the Sun's rays light up and interact with each of these other planets and asteroids? This is the first digital edition of a book that originated in 1993, and was reprinted five times during the next decade. It is now time to come back to life using 21st century technology - welcome to the eBook!