My Friend Is An Addict - What Can I Do?

Use the Roadmap Out of Addiction To Influence Your Friend And To Take Back Your Life
by Kathy E Williamson
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Publisher: KW Consulting & Training LLC

Publication Date: April 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780976457985

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This step-by-step Roadmap Out of Addiction helps addicts overcome their addictions in a very short time. This book offers a vast array of powerful principles, truths and exercises that will give you the ability to help and influence any of your friends who struggle with addiction.

Spouses, family members and friends of the addict can also use this Roadmap to take back control of their own lives.

You can receive immediate results in your life when you learn to:

* Apply Tapping to reduce your stress and anxiety levels
* Change your beliefs to bring you hope
* Engage in passionate pursuit of your dreams for new excitement
* Implement positive boundaries in your life to remain calm
* Communicate with your addict friend with purpose
* Believe in yourself and your worth