Mindful Nurturing

Parenting in Thoughtful Ways
by Tania Rose

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: March 01, 2016

ISBN: 9781483564579

Binding: Kobo eBook

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“One of the first things I learnt as a parent was that I was human. As much as I wanted to do the “right” thing, the truth was that I was flawed. I was flawed because we all are, whether we like it or not. We get emotional, get frustrated, feel tired, feel pulled apart, and have very little time for ourselves. It’s not the best set of circumstances to build an awesome parenting foundation, yet there we are, warts-and-all, be-speckled in all our triumphant and disturbing glory, trying to get things right for our kids.” Tania Rose Tania Rose condenses a wealth of knowledge and experience into an easy-to-understand book offering ideas in parenting. Underpinning her experience as a mother of 3 boys was her work in disabilities, which caused her to re-evaluate her preconceived notions of motivation and behaviour. Using a range of techniques she developed during her roles as a carer, social educator, and a mother, Tania developed a style of parenting that goes back to basics, and presents it as a no-frills and easy to read book on parenting in thoughtful ways. Tania Rose acknowledges the need for families to develop unique tools that reflect their own parenting styles and the specific needs of the members of the family unit. She explores why children exhibit certain behaviours and how we can harness those desires to guide and nurture our family. She shares communication techniques which support long-term goals, whilst addressing short-term needs, in a simple and no-nonsense fashion. Mindful Nurturing is as much a book for parents at the beginning of their journey as it is for those in the middle of it. She also speaks about many techniques she has also used with children living with disabilities. This is not a book about psychology or theory, but rather of living practice, where the organics of family are as much a part of developing unique techniques specific to your own family’s needs as anything else. This is not a book on how to be a parent, but more a guide to ...