Medication Management for 50+

How to Prevent Drug Interactions and Undesirable Side Effects
by Trang Nguyen

Publisher: Mimosa Health LLC

Publication Date: June 04, 2018

ISBN: 9781732144521

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do you take more than five medications, vitamins, and supplements? Does your pharmacist review your medicines every time you buy a new prescription, get a sample, receive a mail-order prescriptions, or buy over-the-counter products? Do you know everything you need to know about your medications to minimize risks of drug interactions and undesired side effects?

Dr. Trang Nguyen shows you the Medication Management service which helps you prevent drug interactions and side effects, thus reduces your overall healthcare costs and improves your quality of life.

In Medication Management for 50+ you will learn:

  • How medication-related morbidity and mortality problems are preventable
  • How to know common causes of medication-related problems
  • How to recognize Geriatric Syndromes as medications' side effects
  • How to create your own medication planner to prevent drug interactions
  • How to use positive thinking to stay vibrantly healthy

"Any symptom in an elderly patient should be considered as a drug side effect until proved otherwise." (Dr. Jerry Gurwitz, MD)