Martinus, Darwin and Intelligent Design: A new Theory of Evolution

by OIe Therkelsen

Publisher: Scientia Intuitiva

Publication Date: May 17, 2015

ISBN: 9788799390199

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Darwin takes as his starting point a gradual evolution on the basis of mutations and natural selection. Intelligent Design attempts to show in a purely scientific way that a supreme intelligence exists behind all of creation. As against these two theories, Ole Therkelsen, public speaker and former lecturer in chemistry and biology, presents a third explanatory model of the complex organisms in nature, the origin of life and its composition, namely Martinus Cosmology, created by the Danish spiritual researcher Martinus (1890-1981).
Martinus saw the universe as an all-encompassing living being in whom we all live and undergo the experience of life through an eternal evolution.
Martinus’ teaching has been largely ignored in the creation debate of recent years. It offers an interesting approach with a wealth of perspectives that confirms and corrects aspects of both Darwinism and the theory of Intelligent Design. Martinus argues in favour of an evolution based on the consciousness and experience of the living beings themselves and gives an insight into the future evolution of humanity towards perfection.
The book is addressed to all interested in evolution from either a scientific, spiritual or religious viewpoint. It may also be read as an introduction to Martinus Cosmology.