Marathon Renegade

Contrarian Steps to Happier Marathoning
by Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.


Series: Racing Veteran

Publication Date: January 01, 2018

ISBN: 1230002043869

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A marathon renegade does not go against common practices for no good reason. A marathon renegade questions common practices and does what makes sense.

This book is for marathon veterans who are unhappy with aspects of their training and racing. It's for those who wonder whether popular advice for marathoners is correct.

For example, have you ever wondered whether you are hydrating too much? Have you failed year after year to get a negative split in a marathon? Have you ever gone for a run to reduce stress and only made it worse? The first three chapters cover these topics.

The later chapters cover everything from stretching and compression clothes to group training. Every chapter challenges popular wisdom, looks at the research, and gives advice. And, each chapter ends with references, so that you can look up astounding claims and learn more.

Are you ready to become a happier marathoner — a marathon renegade? [Start] reading!

-- From Marathon Renegade, Copyright 2018 Kirk Mahoney, Ph.D.