Love's Story of Why We Are Here

And what we can do about it
by Francis O'Neill
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Publisher: Francis O'Neill

Series: Making Sense of It

Publication Date: July 14, 2018

ISBN: 9780993462658

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Love's Story of Why We Are Here

This book sets out to answer one big question about our lives, and indeed all of life on our planet. That question is:

Why are we here?

And also to propose, if we know why we are here, what we can do about it.

In his first book, Life and Death: Making Sense of It, the author explores human life, how we might resolve our concerns and fears around death, and provides grounds for believing in an afterlife. In this companion book, he broadens out the debate to include all of life, the rocks, the plants, animals, ourselves and the universe.

In answering this question, and bridging the gap between the sciences and the spiritual, the author advances a revolutionary and exciting model of awakening and consciousness showing how everything has a role to play. This includes what he calls the "soul ladder*,"* an essential part of this model.

He argues that all of life is seeking to awaken, become self-aware. And he explains how this is operating at a level currently overlooked by conventional wisdom, religions and science.

The Love's Story chapter, which lends itself to the book's title, provides a version of the hypothesis in story form.

Apart from presenting an agenda behind awakening and consciousness, the book includes discussion on:

  • Gaia, the living Earth
  • The problem with evolution as we currently view it
  • Quantum theory
  • The aura, and the soul
  • Are we alone in the Universe?
  • Extraterrestrial life and Disclosure