A Treasure Hunt for More!
by June Breland Whatley MA
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Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781512750904

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#LifeChange is based on a dream from the Lord that was set in a very dark, dreary dystopian world. The narrator gives a glimpse of life lived in darkness. Join in the journey, and let the dream reveal the struggles that some face from every day. You will see how some people interpret the light as intrusive and something to be feared. As you maneuver through the dream from a place of stark existence to the point where some of these sojourners have joined the light, You will come to realize that even then the warfare is not over. From their struggles you can do the following: See how to take refuge in the light rather than in the darkness. Learn how to fight the challenges of daily Christian life when you dont always feel victorious. Learn how to apply scriptural strategies of warfare that may have previously eluded you. Come to better understand the armor of God. Learn how to build, use, and strengthen your shield of faith. Know that you can make scripture and prayer mighty weapons of spiritual warfare. Realize the simplicity and the depth of prayer. See how songs and music can build you up spiritually and help you fight your battles. Understand and internalize that God doesnt want you to live under the weight of constant attacks or defeat. Grow in your understanding of the reality of Gods kingdom. Allow #LifeChange to show you some tools to use to be victorious in your Christian walk.