Learn to Slap Your Child

by Dr. Sunil Vaid

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books Pvt ltd.

Publication Date: August 04, 2015

ISBN: 9789351650577

Binding: Kobo eBook

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"Thus, the whole world, today, is acknowledging Asians' success, born out of Disciplined Parenting and Culture of rigorous hard-work. 

The question is- Are we blunting this edge, that our children have - with ... overt pampering? 

This is what this book is all about? - About making you a parent ! 

Because the point is - what is your claim to be the parent of the child? - Donating a sperm or an egg to form the embryo. What is so great about it? Even a syringe today can fertilize the egg (in a test tube baby). Then will the syringe & incubator lay claim to be the parent of the child? I know, I sound ludicrous but then so is the suggestion that one becomes a parent just by siring the baby. 

Remember, great products are forged in great crucibles. So to forge a successful child, we have to cast the mold i.e. you the parent. 

So, get ready to face this furnace of a book. BEWARE THIS BOOK IS NOT MEANT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. It is only for the concerned parent, who has what it takes to forge the personality and success of their child. 

For others there is always fate. - Author