Kernels from a Cracked Nut

by Foster Carlyle
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: February 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781469163925

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The book is meant to be a humorous romp through experiences in the life of the author. That would be me and Im just a regular guy, but there is certainly a large portion of my conservative attitude thrown in as well. Which would in some eyes make me an irregular guy. Im well traveled, having spent a good deal of time in Europe both as a young man and in my later years. Call me a satirist or humorist if you want but I'm going to give you a bit of Midwestern born philosophy here. 1940 December 13 in Omaha, Nebraska, to be exact. All of these stories happened to me. Some are just my philosophy colliding with my sense of humor. Growing up there was a lot of laughter and good humor in our family and I firmly believe because of that Ive managed to get through my life to this point mostly in tack. My grand parents on my fathers side of our family were college professors of English and all of their children dabbled in writing. Nearly all of us were born in the Midwest and nearly all of us at one time have attempted to write for publication. A long time ago the family self published a small book titled "Kernels From A Cracked Nut". It was mostly a parody of famous poems. Most of the family members bought copies. No one else did. But Im a bit stubborn so Ive stolen the title from my family and this book is in fact the second, Kernels From a Cracked Nut. Enjoy!