Innocence Invasion

When Fear Shows Up, Faith Triumphs
by Doniel Ervin

Publisher: Marionette Publishing

Publication Date: June 10, 2016

ISBN: 9780997530315

Binding: Kobo eBook

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25 YEARS: My Personal Testimony Looking back on my life, I cannot believe it has been 25 years! August 1988 marks the beginning of my journey serving the most High God. I am in no way saying that I became this perfect Christian overnight. Within those 25 years, I have made my share of mistakes. Oh yes, I have been through some storms, valleys, famine, homelessness, joblessness, sickness, and pain. Rebellion became a friend of mine, coupled with past rejections and deceptions. But through it all, I have learned to trust in God.Yes, during these 25 years, I have experienced many heartbreaks, betrayal, deceit, hurt, and pain that brought me to shame. I have been criticized and attacked with no one to have my back. I have been used, accused, and domestically abused. It has been 25 years of growing pains and 25 years of raising children, mostly as a single parent, even though during this story, I had a husband. BUT by God’s LOVE and grace, I made the conscious decision to follow His way, and no more my way nor the world’s way. Through these years, a spiritual encounter deeply touched my soul and transformed me from the inside out. This encounter caused me to trust God like never before. God’s love strengthened me when I was weak, filled me with joy when I was sad, healed me when I was sick, and provided for me supernaturally with resources to help me take care of my children when my cash was no more. In 25 years, I have learned how to submit to those who are in leadership, fulfilling my God-given assignments with integrity.