Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics

by Waldemar Wójcik & Andrzej Smolarz
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Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: July 20, 2017

ISBN: 9781351578943

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For many centuries, people have tried to learn about the state of their health. Initially, in the pre-technological period, they had to rely only on their senses. Then there were simple tools to help the human senses. The discovery of X-rays, which allowed people to look “inside” the body, turned out to be a major breakthrough. Contemporary medical diagnostics is increasingly being assisted by information technology that allows, for example, thorough image tissue analysis or pathology differentiation. They also allow very early preventive diagnostics. Influenced by information technology, “classic” diagnostic techniques change and new ones arise.

Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics presents selected and extended conference papers from Polish, Ukrainian and Kazakh scientists. They address problems of the application of new methods of image processing for analysis of medical images, new methods of classification of medical data as well as new medical imaging methods. Some of the presented technologies are inspired by the functioning of living organisms.

Information Technology in Medical Diagnostics is of interest not only to academics and engineers, but also to professionals involved in biomedical engineering, and seeking for solutions for issues that cannot be solved with the help of “traditional” technologies.