"In My Dreams We Are Practicing Polygamy With Many Husbands" : Book One

by Denise Pinch
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Publication Date: December 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781329762558

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Denise Pinch lives in St. Thomas, Ontario. She would like to meet George Clooney and go to Egypt with an Egyptian someday.Written down in the morning while the imagery and emotions are still fresh, Denise bravely shares her personal and most intimate visions.(I tell my story to help other to tell their own story to help them to get their story out to other the their life time my Life and Dreams book are my own writing and in my own words to.) Could you help by buying my books to help a new writer to make money to live a good life or a poor writer sell some book to help out or the writer who is a person with Disability who is a new writer to help other. By Denise P