Ibn Suheyd - Andalusian Poet and Writer

by Mustafa AYDIN
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Publisher: Fatih Oncu

Publication Date: August 31, 2016

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In Andalusia, scientific and cultural activities increased when the political unity was obtained. There were remarkable progress in history, literature, law, philosophy, and religion. Particularly, Cordoba had become one of the most striking scientific centers of the world. In a period of retrogression in Europe, the studies in Andalusia had transported the advancements of Easts into the European mainland and took place in the course of enlightenment.  
Science was the primary concern to establish the political stability in the period of conquest and settlement, studies on literature had failed. Nevertheless, administrators paid attention to science and literature, showed close interest to scientists and men of letters, and rewarded them when the political stability restored. This attitude had given rise to bringing up of several poets and literary men. On the other hand, some rulers had written poetry, even they chose some of their viziers and administrators out of poets and literary men. Therefore, Andalusia is of great importance in terms of poetry and literature.  
Throughout the eight centuries -from the moment they arrived at Spain in the year 92/711 and until the last Muslim left in the year 892/1492Muslims had established a different sort of political and social environment which was neither identical to the place they were living at that time nor to the place they used to live. It is indisputable that the different religion, languages, ethnical components, and cultures had contributed a lot to the rise of such an atmosphere.  

Even though Arabs started to expand their own culture into Spain with the conquest, they couldn’t manage to expand their culture as successfully as their political expansion. However, after the conquest, in the following two centuries Andalusia had turned into a scientific center of its own peculiarity where any kind of scientific research was carried. Besides the top-level education in this scientific ...