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by Thomas A Kempis & James M. Brand

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by Thomas A Kempis


The Imitation of Christ is a Christian devotional classic text written by Thomas A Kempis, a German author, remembered for his works such as Soliloquy of the Soul, Valley of Lilies, Garden of Roses, and Prayers and Meditations on the Life of Christ.

The Imitation of Christ has been credited for the second work after bible, in terms of translations and readers. Kempis has divided the text into four books as Admonitions profitable for the spiritual life, Admonitions concerning the inner life, On inward consolation, and Of the sacrament of the altar. This book takes the reader to a state that, Christ is the ultimate example of Christian’s life style and every Christian has to imitate Christ to gain life to the fullest. Further the readers are learned to the fruits of meditation for the life of the soul. This book differs itself from other theological books which were written to impart knowledge, while readers of this book are pruned to perform surgery on soul towards reaching God.

Study guide included.

This is the original boook/scriptures as written by Thomas Kempis himself.

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