I Dominated My Male Opponent: Decisive Female Victories

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: October 18, 2018

ISBN: 9781386910510

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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As readers of my books know, I have spent considerable time, energy and money connecting with muscular, butt-kicking women over the course of the past twenty years. It is my pleasure to share with you their experiences as well as profiles of their overall abilities as well as some pics.

Our first two women, Kierra and Casey are sisters. Kierra began as a jello wrestler but was quickly asked to mixed matches. Her training and strength helped this beautiful, powerful blonde handle men who were similar in size to her. When she got a small-man-opponent, Kierra really went to town. Casey is a bit taller than her older sister and also a bit lighter. She delights is winning, especially when she's dishing out the punishment to a man. Casey is the kind of lady that you'd admire on the beach and as she draws closer, you start to realize that she could probably kick your butt.

Tammy and Nadine are next and this is the experience of a friend of mine named Andy. Andy is a smaller man and wanted to date Tammy. Unfortunately, she wasn't really into him. Andy, like most men, also found her mom, Nadine to be that hot-older-lady. Andy kept pursuing Tammy and eventually she welcomed the opportunity to show him how strong she is. Andy had a heaven/hell experience as he lost to Nadine and then to Tammy. It was explained to Andy why he just didn't have a chance romantically.

Kamie and Leah train with Nadine and she has "shared" Andy with these ladies. As Tammy backed away from Andy, Nadine took a certain degree of pity on Andy and used him for her practice and for her friends. Kamie is the bikini-model type (with some extra muscle) and Leah is a former swimmer and bodybuilder who can handle the little shrimp without much of an issue.

We then re-introduce readers to Caroline and May. Caroline is a skilled fighter who enjoys hearing and seeing her opponents faces right as they are tapping out. While she likes defeating females, she prefers ...