How to Install Your Own Furnace & A/C

by Lgoo Books

Publisher: Lgoo Books

Publication Date: January 31, 2016

ISBN: 9781301263158

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Special tools are needed to do this work hand tools and meters are needed to work on an electrical appliance such as a furnace or the condensing unit. A meter; can be a clamp on type or hand held, two fourteen inch pipe wrenches, battery drill with magnetic drivers, quarter inch and five sixteenth inch, strippers, standard and Phillips screw driver, hammer, dikes, refrigeration manifold set, Allen tool, ratcheting refrigeration wrench, sheet metal snips. The technician should locate the breaker panel and disconnect switch for the furnace and condensing unit. First we will assume your job is to change out an old residential furnace for a new more efficient unit. Once the electrical service panel is located the power to the furnace should be switched off, however if the service tech is unable to locate the correct switch, do not fear for it can be found by a process of elimination. Residential furnaces usually have and should be a ten or fifteen amperage breaker, the condenser or outside cooling unit could be a twenty, thirty or even a forty amperage breaker depending upon what the unit size is the tonnage. If you know the size is a two ton then the breaker is going to be a dual twenty, and so on. It's a simpler matter if the furnace fan is in running condition; switch the fan on switch to on. Then go to the breaker panel and systematically switch each breaker switch off until the fan at the furnace stops the same can be done with the condensing unit before turning off the furnace put the thermostat in the cooling mode. The condensers breaker will be perhaps easier to locate as it will be a dual switch or one which is locked together with a small bar and is rated at twenty to thirty amps. Check for which kind of refrigerant the condenser holds by looking at the nomenclature label usually located on the outside of the condenser. Next go to the furnace with a flat screw driver remove the screws holding the switch cover then with your electrical meter check ...