How to Have a Happier Writer Mindset Without Spending a Dime

Self-Publishing Without Spending a Dime, #4
by Prasenjeet Kumar

Publisher: Publish With Prasen

Series: Self-Publishing Without Spending a Dime

Publication Date: September 29, 2017

ISBN: 9781540179685

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Be A Happier Author Before Becoming A Best-selling One

From the #1 Bestselling author of the “Self-Publishing Without Spending A Dime,” comes this DIY manual of practical tips and advice that can make you a happier writer before making you a best-selling one.

Distilling his practical, hands-on experience in putting out over 50 books in seven languages on all e-Book platforms, Prasenjeet Kumar takes on all those forces that conspire to prevent you—the writer—from becoming a great storyteller.

Self-doubt, lack of sales, rejections, excessive “workshopping,” sales addiction and the feeling readers don’t care for your books—are some of those demons that can make writers unhappy, desperate, and despondent.

With great personal and professional insight, Prasenjeet Kumar tells you how to exorcise those ghosts and turn yourself in to a confident author.

So come, realise your author dreams, with a happier frame of mind, and, of course, Without Spending A Dime.

The book includes:

Part I–On Writing

* Why write when readers don’t care?

* Help! I can’t get to write anything

* Strengthen your creative voice

* Writing as dreaming

* On judging your work

Part II–On Production

* On cover designing

* On developmental editing

Part III–On Results

* Do not check your sales

* On promotion

Part IV–On Growth

* The compound effect

* On having a long-term perspective

* Create new cash streams

* On staying away from scammers

* On dealing with tough times

And much more, as promised, Without Spending a Dime!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy today or download a sample now!