Home at Last

A Journey Toward Higher Consciousness
by Sarada Chiruvolu
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Publisher: White Cloud Press

Publication Date: May 20, 2015

ISBN: 9781935952800

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Home at Last explains specific landmarks that we encounter during the journey toward enlightenment, based on the author’s direct experience.

The book also lets readers know what they can expect when confronting the mysterious, awakened inner force called kundalini. It explains how our outlook and goals change radically as kundalini directs our day-to-day life. Part spiritual memoir, part meditation handbook, Chiruvolu’s writings are clear and accessible yet contain profound spiritual insights covering:

The nature of prana, or vital life force; how to increase its presence in our system; and the process of transmitting pranic energy from teacher to student.
Detailed information on the important roles of diet, exercise, and training the mind in preparation for the journey of realization.
The physical and psychological challenges one can expect during the extended process of awakening.
Possible impediments to raising the energy, and how to transcend them.
How to adapt to living and working with this powerful new energy in the context of everyday life.