Her Beautiful, Bone-Crushing Legs: She Squeezes, Kicks, Lifts & Carries the Fellas

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: July 21, 2018

ISBN: 9781386516699

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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I want to thank all of these ladies for sharing their experiences with me. While men are usually stronger than women, this is absolutely not always the case. These women have trained and lifted to develop their body and their fighting skills. If you like reading about and seeing pics of powerful women who can tame the fellas, then you are absolutely in the right place!

We begin with Lara as she explains how she tamed her ex-husband, and her husband. Lara knows how to spot submissive traits in males and she knows how to take total control. Her powerful legs and arms make men lustful and then fearful. Lara has two adult children, a powerful daughter and a mama's-boy son. See how various family members view this dynamic and this incredibly powerful, dominant lady.

Mariane has worked in the security field for many years and while she usually doesn't have to use her power, it's always good to have at her disposal. Mariane is a well-trained, muscular lady but what truly sets her apart are her crazy-muscular thighs. This woman can drop almost any man in a variety of ways with her gorgeous, muscular quads and luscious hamstrings. You'll love learning about how she puts men in their place.

Mandie is another absolute Quad-Queen. While she's a nice, social lady, Mandie also takes a devilish delight in squeezing men into total submission. Her thighs absolutely have to be seen to be believed! This is what years of lifting, fighting and being very active can do for some ladies. You'll love Mandie's attitude almost as much as you fall in love with her physique.

Next we have Jada and Annette. Jada is one of our larger ladies and she was a reader's favorite. Jada explains how she controls big men and how she utterly tames smaller dudes. She has a sweet smile, a powerful body and a huge desire to make men behave themselves and do as she sees fit. Annette is a wife and mother who puts her large husband and son to shame with her leg lifts.