Hello? G-d?

An Exploration of Life's Most Fundamental Question
by Shlomo M Ben Zeev
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Publisher: Shlomo Ben Zeev

Series: Core Emmuna

Publication Date: December 30, 2016

ISBN: 9781387446384

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Have you ever been on a hike, reached a scene that takes your breath away, and suddenly you were hit by the beauty in front of you?
Perhaps you were sitting and thinking - or brooding - in your room during a quiet moment, and out of sudden frustration you looked around, searching for it?
There is something there! But what is it?

Then suddenly, you realize that "it" is life, and you are hit by the question: What is it about life? Where does it all come from?

Is life accident or design? Is there a Living G-d?

"Hello? G-d?" is the first book in the "Core Emmuna" series. In it, we explore life's most fundamental question. We unveil reality as we know and understand it, in all of its facets to show - clearly and rationally - that science and Torah are not at odds. Instead, they actually work together to deepen our understanding of life and existence. Together they throw open the doors of existence, allowing us to make an even deeper investigation into the ultimate question of why we are here.
Get this book and we will make this journey together.