Heaven and Earth in Luke-Acts

by Ming Gao
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Publisher: Langham Creative Projects

Publication Date: October 31, 2017

ISBN: 9781783683482

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Dr Ming Gao delves into the much-overlooked heaven motif in Luke-Acts in this critical study of a central element in Christian belief. Focusing on several key passages from the biblical canon, Gao analyzes them in their Jewish, Greco-Roman and broader literary contexts to enhance our comprehension of the meaning of “heaven” and its significance for our worldview. Heaven is not simply a static place where God dwells or a symbol of his power, but is a dynamic arena that impacts the earthly realm. Dr Gao also elucidates how heaven, as well as being part of reality, acts as a concept that points to the arrival of God’s eschatological kingdom on earth. This book will enhance efforts to understand “heaven,” which is often viewed as an unfathomable mystery by so many Christians.