by Mildred Mann & James M. Brand

Publisher: ZREADS

Publication Date: February 13, 2019

ISBN: 1230003084243

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By Mildred Mann

Excerpt from the book
There is certainly nothing more necessary in the world today than a practical philosophy of life. By a practical philosophy, I do not mean beauti ful ideals and wonderful dreams in which we seek refuge from a terrifying world. I mean the kind of philosophy which is liveable, useable, expendable. I mean the kind of philosophy that far outdistances the abstract ideas of the world’s great thinkers. I mean the kind of philosophy that Jesus demonstrated and taught- a Pragmatic Mysticism.
Many people have asked, “Just what is that?” Pragmatism is a term that came into favor about the turn of the century from William James. He was, and still is, the greatest of all American psychologists, and we might add the title of philosopher to him also. He said that Pragmatism in terms of self is that which is usable, that which is expendable. In other words, Pragmatism is anything that has a cash value not only in the sense of buying an article, but in the real sense of your own inner resources, explored, developed and used. Is it useable? Will it help you? Can you work it? Pragmatism is certainly very workable. In other words, it is what we call the metaphysical concept, or what I personally prefer to call Pragmatic Mysticism. It is not the kind of belief that makes you withdraw from the world, or live in a cave, or mortify the flesh, or deny yourself anything that makes for gracious living. It is a pragmatic, every-day, usable UNION WITH GOD. That is what it is in simple terms.

Mildred Mann
Mildred Mann (1904–1971) was active in the New Thought Movement and taught metaphysics in New York City. She founded the Society of Religious Pragmatism, which was later reorganized as the Society of Pragmatic Mysticism in Vermont. Her book Become What You Believe remains influential among non-denominational New Thought practitioners and adherents, ...