Growing Ivy

From small town public school to Harvard University, two times in a row. One family’s story of how to bat a thousand in the Ivy League.
by Theodore Arndt
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Publisher: Publish Green

Publication Date: June 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781634135696

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100,000 to one: these are roughly the odds against your child getting into Harvard. But if you plan for this eventuality from the earliest years, you can beat these odds and send a child (or two, or even three) to Harvard or to one of the other prestigious Ivy institutions. I know; I sent both of my kids to Harvard, two years in a row. Growing IVY is the outline of a long-term plan to place your kids at the top of the heap. It is a series of stories, of triumphs and failures, that colorfully illustrate a pathway any family can take to reach the pinnacle of educational success. Filled with anecdotes grounded in research-based concepts, Growing IVY provides a replicable plan to get your child into even the most competitive colleges. The book contains concrete guidance from the formative years right through to the end of high school and addresses critical topics from early parenting to how to complete the General Application. Did you know that Harvard is far more affordable than a typical state university for many successful applicants? Did you consider that community service can be more powerful than a varsity letter when it comes to placing your child in Ivy? Did you realize there are many families who have placed more than one child at Harvard? What was their secret? This book explains how students from middle-class families and public schools can reach their dreams, and it does so in a fun, easy read. Please enjoy Growing IVY and good luck as you make your play for the Ivy gates.